Beached in a Camper

Beached in a Camper

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Love family fun at the lake in the summer? Then you'll laugh at two brothers as they stumble throughout a campground into quicksand, seagull poop and a handful of sticky situations. Solving a riddle from Grandma brings younger brother, Adam, the luck he needs - sometimes. Of course, older brother, Brian, with friends Red, Freckles, and Hulk, manage to land smack dab in the middle of things, too. From tree forts to frog warts, the kids are in for mayhem and mishap, while learning a lesson or two along the way.

Author Kate Moynihan's first book is a boy's-eye-view reflection on camping in tight quarters along the shore of Lake Michigan. She is a longtime artist and gallery owner in Holland, Michigan, and is now creative with here words as well. Not someone to color within the lines, Kate will be sure to entertain you with "Beached in a Camper."


More than 1,000 copies sold locally!  If you enjoy the book, please give Kate a review on Amazon.com: Beached in a Camper


Kate's 2nd Book is Now Available - Trouble Out West

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