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All of the Candle-ology Signature Scents can be experienced in one of four forms: Candle, Diffuser, Diffuser refill or Tart. Each form has a unique benefit that releases the scent into the air. 


8oz Signature Candle Jars: All candles are hand-poured at the Moynihan Gallery in Holland, Michigan.  Candles use soy wax and burn clean and strong (up to 60 hours).




6oz. Diffuser and Reed Set: The Diffuser and Reed Set provides continuous scent to a room for more than 3-4 months.  A perfect, flameless option. 

4oz Diffuser and Reed Refill Set: The Refill Scent and Reed set refreshes a previous diffuser with a new, strong scent and fresh set of reeds. You can order the fragrance you have been using or sample a new one.  This size should provide a pleasant scent throw for 3 months or longer.


Signature Scented Tarts: A second flameless option, signature scents are also available in tart form to be used with a candle warmer.  Each of the 6 tart 1oz blocks can be melted in a tart warmer for 6-8 uses.



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