Scent mixing and candle making are made easy by our team of candle-ologists. It can be a 15 to 40 - minute process depending on how long you desire to savor the scents.  Most find the experience to be fun, bonding with friends and making memories, so feel free to take your time. Once the process is complete, there is time to discover downtown Holland with its more than one hundred shops and restaurants; as it takes an hour to ninety minutes for your candle to fully set and made ready to travel.

Children enjoy making candles, too. In terms of age-appropriateness for the Candle-ology experience, Children must be able to sit on a backless stool unattended and you will need to supervise the mixing and pouring process. Sorry but a child sitting on an adult lap can pose a risk (however, you may pass a child to another family member while you do the mix-and-pour). Generally, we say that, if a child can go to the refrigerator and pour a glass of milk they can easily make a candle at Moynihan's. Five years old or older can be a guide. You may want to consider a birthday party event for your children.  It can also be a fun way to make gifts for others.

Drop in to create your own candle any time the store is open up to 2 hours before closing...see our Hours and Location.

If there are 5 or more in your group, it's best to make a reservation to insure we are staffed to provide you our best service. 
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