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Adult Memoir: A lone Birch: My Artistic Journey

This memoir follows Kate’s thirty years of trying, failing, enduring, and thriving. An absorbing tale of resilience and transformation that will resonate with anyone who has a passion.

Along her journey, Kate grapples with her role as mother and wife as she tries to reconcile her desire to be an artist, at times, feeling alone.

In the end, she resorts to an old method of escape, with disastrous consequences.  Abandoned, shamed and without resources, she faces an uphill battle as she struggles to regain her self-esteem, return to her sons, and honor the painting that has been beckoning all along.

            It’s a journey that is both unique and universal, as Kate shows in tracing her own brave and often turbulent life. This inspiring memoir offers lessons in a lovely, honest prose.


Mystery in the Spooky Old House Brothers Tackle Hidden Clues, Sledding Shenanigans, a Sister with a Secret and a Skater Named Crusher.

8 Clues to Sleuth and a Secret to Keep 

Reading level: 5th grade, or if you love Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew

Spunky brothers Brian and Adam are on a slippery slope as they return to visit their mother for winter break in Bismarck, North Dakota, for this third book in the Moynihan Brothers series. It's all fun as usual until Brian gets caught in an embarrassing situation in front of the neighborhood gossip, Glitzy Georgia. Brian must use some clever tricks if he’s going to outwit The Glitz and get her to keep his secret. 

But Brian's is not the only secret in the spooky old house on Second Street. The boys stumble onto a mystery as they crawl into an eerie attic and then follow dear Dead Fred’s trail of codes, puzzles, and brain teasers. They're hoping to unearth treasure ... but time is ticking! As they confront issues of right and wrong during the search, can the Moynihan boys overcome their differences and work as a team? And will they solve the mystery before winter break ends?

Trouble Out West 
Reading level: 3rd Grade – If you love Diary of a Whimpy Kid or Dearest Dumb Diary this book is for you!

It’s an adventurous trip for brothers Brian and Adam as they travel to a place they’ve never been before – the wide open spaces of the Dakotas.  While they vacation “Out West” younger brother Adam narrates one funny predicament after another, from flying fish hooks on the mighty Missouri River to chicken coop poop to Indian arrowhead wheeling and dealing. 

True to his nature, Adam acts on impulse and is shaken by a haunted shed out back of Mom’s house.  Adding to his troubles are a cranky old landlady, her hissy cat, and scorching Great Plains weather.

Adam has the wisdom of his older brother, Brian, but together sometimes their trouble just seems to double.  Make that quadruple when the boys make new friends with two spunky guys next door.

If four boys and a frisky pup aren’t enough to stay out of the way of Mom’s busy art studio, try adding honest Hannah and Glitzy Georgia – the girls from down on the corner – into the sun-baked mix.  Yet, through their adventures, somehow the brothers learn a lesson or two along the way.

Beached in a Camper
Reading Level: 1st -2nd Grade. If you love Captain Underpants, then you’ll laugh at this.

 Love family fun at the lake in the summer?  Whether you’re eight or eighty you’ll enjoy the mayhem and mishaps two boys create in the great outdoors.  Solving a riddle from Grandma brings younger brother, Adam, the luck he needs – sometimes.  Of course, his brother Brian is always in the thick of things, too, with friends Freckles, Red and Hulk. 


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