How It Works

For the candle making experience, individuals, friends, family, groups of 4 or fewer are all welcome anytime we are open up to 2 hours before closing. With a group of 5 or more, please make a reservation to insure you won't have a wait and we are staffed to best serve you.  Generally, we can fit you in the same day or put you on our calendar.  On average the process for an individual to make one candle takes 20 - 30 minutes...we will not rush you if you want more time. 


Candle-ology...The Basics
  • Go to the back of Moynihan Gallery to find a candle-ologist.
  • Select your container for a candle, diffuser or tarts.
  • Smell some of the 100 plus candles and write down 1/2 doz. or so favorite scents.
  • Sit at bar and with help of staff mix your favorite fragrances. - pour your blended scent into container, mix, make your label and your done.
  • We finish your product after it cools, pack it and have it ready for travel in just a little over an hour later...in the meantime you enjoy shopping or dining in downtown Holland.
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    Candle-ology... The Details
    • To begin, a candle-ologist will guide you through the process and ask you to choose a container from our unique assortment of jars or cans for your candle or diffuser.  If you are making tarts we have the containers for you behind the bar. 

    • With a small clip board, paper and pencil in hand you will savor our single scent candles from the wall of scents! The fun begins as you smile at the spot-on smell of watermelon, bacon, cotton candy, and more. Open as many jars as you like, and be amazed as memories flood your scenes.  Jot down your favorites!
    • Back at the bar, we will help you assemble the fragrances younoted in your list to make your own custom blend. We bring the selected fragrance bottles to where you are seated. Now you begin the process of mixing your potion.

    • When your recipe is perfected, you'll pour and stir the fragrances into the soy candle wax, diffuser jar or tart pack!
    • Finally, you'll name your creation, create your own artistic (or straightforward) title label. We will happily snap a picture or two of you and your group on your cell phone and presto! Candles!  You are free for a while to explore our gallery of trend setting home decor, art and gifts. You can also discover downtown Holland’s bustling shops and restaurants.
    • We still need about 60 to 90 minutes, depending on candle jar size, to set the wick as the wax cools. Then we fire it with a torch once or twice to clean the sides, add your label, and package your creation for travel. 
    Hours and Location * Parties and Groups 
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