Candle-ology has two great fundraising ways to raise money with no upfront expense!


20% of your fundraising party's entire purchases goes toward your group cause

We can help you create a fun-filled fundraising event for your non-profit 501 C organization. 

Socialize and experience the candle bar. Mingle, laugh and smell the 120 different scents – from the subtle scent of Holland Tulip to Bake Bread, from the masculinity of Bourbon to the crazy, kid-fun of Monkey Breath, alias bananas!

 Then step up to the counter and create your own custom scent of candle, wax tart, room diffuser, luxurious lotion, or goat milk soap. 

Afterwards, stroll the gallery filled with delightful and creative home décor and gifts.

Design your own candle to sell!

For example if you are a florist, create your own special, signature blend of a floral scent. Put YOUR logo on the candle jar and sell your brand! Simply purchase two dozen or more of a single scent

2. Raise money for your cause by selling candles at a charity event, bizarre, or door-to-door!

Your 501 C non-profit fundraising crew can offer eight great candle scents, hand-poured in an 8-ounce Signature Jar.

Selling door-to-door is a pre-sell fundraiser.  A sample of each candle scent will be available during the fundraising dates. You simply collect your money when you make the sale.  After your sale is complete, tally all your order forms and place one bulk order with us for the candles sold.  We do not require a minimum order. We do not require a minimum amount of candles to be ordered. Free local deliver 2 weeks after you place your order. Each candle sells for $16. For each candle sold your group makes $5.


Selling at a Charity Event: 

Pre-pay: Volume discounts available. Your 501 C can pay as little as $8 each and sell them at your event, suggested retail $16. 

For more information, please contact Moynihan Gallery, (616) 394-0093.

We will be happy to meet with you and bring a Candle-ology Fundraising sample box for your group to look over.


11 Kids Raise $1,127 for Panama Trip Selling Our Candles!

In November 2014, we held a candle making party for the ladies of Neikerk CRC as shown in the photo on the right. They were raising funds for a mission trip to Panama City for Spring 2015!

 This was Candle-ology's largest fund raising program since we launched the service.  We also provided seasonal decor bags and tissue at no extra charge to package the product for delivery which delighted the director of program because that meant no recyling old plastic grocery bags!









                                          Example 12" x 18" Posters



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