Custom Picture Framing

Wander the corridors of Holland Hospital or visit many homes and businesses though out the community and you will see our picture framing.  It's more than that though.  For example, we have hand in selecting and framing the majority of artwork you see hanging throughout every floor of the Holland Hospital.  You can even see some of Kate's work there.

We consult with businesses as well as residential customers to help them with art selection and picture framing that reflects their personality.

Speaking of reflections, custom framing Mirrors to fit perfectly in architectural places is a big part of our annual business.  We often combine two or more mouldings to create dimension, texture and coordinating colors for bathrooms, hallways, entries, etc.  Each is unique and you will not find another like it.

Custom made shadowboxes are also our specialty.  We can turn your memories into a work of art you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Virtual Framing

On the table in the foreground you can see the original artwork with 4 different frame corner samples.  The computer monitor shows one of those samples and how it would look framed with the artwork.  You can see how your finished framing project will look before you leave our store.

Imagine the comfort knowing what your picture framing will look like as a completed project...at the time you choose how it will be framed.

A camera mounted directly over our framing table takes the picture of your art and various mats and frame corners so you can see a variety of solutions quickly and easily.

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