About Kate Moynihan

Kate as a public speaker: Recently writing her memoir, A Lone Birch, My Artistic Journey, Kate now uses the book for public speaking as she celebrates the imperfect qualities of being human. Kate shares her personal story so perhaps you, too, can learn to embrace who you really are, flaws and all. The title of her memoir, A Lone Birch, refers her signature image as an artist. The tree is her inspiration as she feels like that tree, peeling away layers to grow, just as the birch does. Contact Kate to inspire your next event.
Kate in a nutshell: Longtime West Michigan artist Kate Moynihan can be found many days painting an original oil or watercolor right in her studio space at Moynihan Gallery & Framing on Eighth Street in downtown Holland, Michigan. But she wasn't always here! Before she began her career as an artist, she began her life as a nurse. However, throughout nursing she was fascinated by patients behavioral responses to color. Returning to school to further her art education Kate concentrated on color relationships and now enjoys using color as an anchor in her artwork. 

Kate as an artist: Kate relishes color and concentrates on their relationships in her work. Another signature of Kate Moynihan’s style is her application of texture. When painting with watercolors, the use of texture is applied by mixing rice papers, ink, and more. Tactile layers are achieved in oil paints using a palette knife technique. Kate’s birch tree designs are her trademark images, and floral, dunes, and landscapes are other favorites.

Kate as an author: "Beached in a Camper" is Kate Moynihan's first book. A boy's-eye-view reflection on camping in tight quarters along the shores of Lake Michigan, the story is inspired by Kate's memories of summertime vacations with her two sons.  Her second book, Trouble Out West, is also now available and can be ordered here or at amazon.com.

Love family fun at the lake in the summer? Then you'll laugh at two brothers as they stumble throughout a campground into quicksand, seagull poop and a handful of sticky situations. Solving a riddle from Grandma brings younger brother, Adam, the luck he needs- sometimes. Of course, older brother, Brian, with friends, Red, Freckles, and Hulk, manage to land smack dab in the middle of things, too. From tree forts to frog warts, the kids are in for mayhem and mishaps, while learning a lesson or two along the way.
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