Kate Moynihan Launches Her Memoir

Posted on March 14, 2018 by Kate Moynihan | 3 comments

We're celebrating!

Enter to win Early Morning, an original oil painting, featured on the back cover of Kate's new memoir, A Lone Birch, My Artistic Journey, now through March 24, 2018. No purchase necessary. A $550 value.

Stop in the gallery and purchase Kate’s new book for $9, saving $7.95!*

Post a review on Amazon before May 1st and receive a $25 gift certificate for Moynihan Gallery.
Kate's memoir is a candid and moving story as she asks the question: How can I reconcile my desire to be an artist with my role as mother and wife? At times a question she feels she is grappling with alone. In the end, she resorts to an old method of escape, with disastrous consequences. Abandoned, shamed and without resources, she faces an uphill battle as she struggles to regain her self-esteem, return to her sons, and honor the painting that has been inside her all along. Her story is unique, yet universal as it follows thirty years of trying, failing, enduring, and thriving. An absorbing tale of resilience and transformation that will resonate with anyone who has a passion.
Kate's memoir is a great tool for public speaking. Schedule Kate for your next event. She can cater her talk to your group's needs from women's groups, artists, art enthusiasts, book clubs, high school and college students.
Headline #1:  Branch Out Beyond Your Own Boundaries
By-line: Be inspired by an artist’s personal story.
Headline #2: Bend like a Birch and Become Strong 
By-line: The beauty of the craggy birch bark is filled with imperfections reminding us we are the same.

"Although I paint birch in a loose style, including hues of radiant reds to soothing blue, the strong tree symbolizes rebirth for me. From experience, I know the challenges of daily life can drain your spirit and soul. By sharing my personal journey, I challenge you and motivate you to peel away the layers, bend beyond your boundaries, and grow to new heights." Kate

20-30 minute presentations.

Available for questions and answers, book signings.

More about Kate: As a wife, mother, and then art gallery owner for twenty-five years, she finds it easy to engage a crowd, not just by swinging a paintbrush, but with conversations that offer compassion and relatability. Kate uses experiences from her previous nursing career as well as her artistic, motherly life.                   

Kate has also written three junior fiction novels inspired from real-life adventures with her young sons.

Speaking at elementary schools has been one of the most rewarding of all experiences. 

TESTIMONIAL: “Kate Moynihan engages an audience and keeps them wanting more. She’s skilled in speaking to the level of her listeners and can adapt to the pulse of the room. Audience participation had parents captivated and kids giggling.”                   
Rachael Brown, Principal, Pinewood Elementary, Jenison, Michigan. 

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