Summer Artist Weekends 2018

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Summer Artist Weekend Series 2018

June 29th-July 1st : Marshy River Fly Company: Gerry Worden
Gerry is a very accomplished local artist ant Instructor specializing in printmaking and fly tying, having won 7 awards in both artistic fields.  He draws his inspiration from nature and most recently the ancient Anasazi ruins and petroglyphs. 
July 6th-8th : Kerry Daniels Jewelry Design: Kerry Daniels
Kerry's designs are all hand crafted using clay and polymers.  Using repetitive shapes and subtle patterns, her work is soft and classic, making it easy to pair with any outfit. @kerrydaniels
July 13th-15th : Foster-Hall Designs: Carol Foster Hall
Carol has an eye for whimsy and beauty.  Together with glass and stone beads, crystals and pearls, she uses polymer to hand make each leaf from one she hand selects from nature, using the natural shape and pattern to enhance the piece. she then paints and patinas each design in a rainbow of different colors.
July 20th-22nd :  Bob’s Puzzles: Robert Goodrick
Creating many of his puzzles from pictures he and his family have taken, he captures some amazing Michigan lighthouses, bridges and MORE! Plus, he can make custom puzzles too! Send him a high resolution image and he will  make a puzzle just for you!
July 27th-29th : Cartera Designs: Nicole Hanamarra
All of Nicole's pieces are hand sewn using a variety of sustainable fabrics and a great leather alternative; CORK! Her designs range from casual shoulder bags to formal clutches and everything in between! 
August 10th-12th: Art as a Lifestyle Clothing: Maranda Shear
Local Artist and Entrepreneur, this will be Maranda's last exhibition before opening her own store at the Holland Town Center in September.



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