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Starting September 2016, Moynihan is offering classes on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm- 4:30 pm or 6:00 pm- 8:30 pm.  These classes will vary in subject matter, discipline, technique and design and will offer not only a memorable experience, but involved instruction, historical and cultural connections, community, inspiration and a finished piece of art to take home.  Seating is limited so don't miss out!

The last Tuesday of each month, we will be hosting a special Candle-ology craft along with our More-than-ART-Class, featuring pre-selected products and fragrances that fit with our monthly theme and are hand crafted by our Moynihan Candle-ologists.  The price of these classes are slightly higher to reflect the cost of the bonus Candle-ology product.

Sign up for any of our up-coming classes by visiting us in the store or calling the gallery at (616) 394-0093. 


September Classes: "Back to School Bohemian"


"Traditional Textiles" Tuesday, September 6th


Each student will learn how design and hand carve their very own 2"x2" wood-block stamp and then learn how to print their unique design on a gauze scarf.  (One per person)  This project is inspired by traditional Indian textile prints and designs.


"Bollywood Bangles" Tuesday, September 13th


Hand weave colorful fabrics into unique designs using traditional metal bangles.  Each student will receive 9 metal bangles to make 3 bracelets of different widths.  A  Boho Chic accessory, these bangles will add a pop of color to any back to school outfit! This project is inspired by bohemian fashion.


"Elephants la vie Bohme"  Tuesday, September 20th


Learn how to draw the face of an elephant on mounted gauzy fabric and then decorate the 8.5"x 11" image using our collection of traditionally inspired hand carved wood-block stamps and other embellishments.  Finished piece will be hang-able as is without a frame.  This project is inspired by the cultural significance of elephants in India and wany other countries.


"Mehndi Aromatherapy" Tuesday, September 27th


Learn how to create traditional Mehndi (Henna) inspired designs hand drawn with gold paint on colored glass jars filled with our signature lotion and pump soap in unique Candle-ology Aromatherapy fragrances fit for any back to school mood.  This project is inspired my the meditative properties of both aromatic scents and Indian Mehndi designs. 

 Fragrance Choices for this project:

Shaanti (Rest): Lavender Fields & Jasmine

Namaste (Chill): Rosemary & Olive Blossom

Jai Guru Dev (Awake): Yuzu & Bergamont

Om (Focus): Sandalwood & Incense


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