Chicago wedding couple choose Candle-ology for gifts

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Candle-ology Moynihan Gallery

In June a couple visiting from Chicago decided to make a diffuser as a memory of their trip to Holland. When they got home they enjoyed the scent so much that they contacted us to blend 26 more diffusers for their wedding party. We were so excited to fulfill this order! The blend of verbena, bonsai and champagne was a perfect accompaniment to their late summer wedding.

This September, we created 26 room diffusers for a Chicago bride's bridal partyWe had a sample of their blend and knew the ingredients but not the exact portions of the 3 fragrances. Allison, on our staff, worked up a near duplicate of the original scent and we quickly completed the order including making custom labels designed by the couple.

On larger orders such as this we can offer a generous discount because we will mix a batch and prepare the products at times when the store is less busy. We are happy to help you with any ideas you may have and give you the best price on larger orders.

Other ideas include candles of different sizes, tart warmer refills, (we also carry a variety of tart warmers on hand), and almost any custom combination or single scent goats milk soap made from our 120 different fragrances.

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