Candle-ology Video on Fox 17 News

Posted on July 31, 2014 by Candle-ology Moynihan Gallery

Check us out on Fox 17 News.  Three videos are available for viewing on our candle and soap bar where blending your own makes good scents. Check out this link: http://fox17online.com/2014/07/30/create-your-own-candles-at-moynihan-gallery-candle-ology/

Making your own soap (goats milk) is our latest addition to the Candle-ology Dept. at Moynihan Gallery.  What sets us apart from others offering soap is you get to create your own personal blended scent. With over 100 different fragrance oils in stock the combinations are almost endless. The cost is only $15.50 for two soap bars, where you get to select the scents you want to blend and under the guidance of our staff come up with a fragrance for your goats milk soap you can call your own.  You can also find our single scent soaps we make individually wrapped so you buy one bar and test it or use for a gift.  

A personal favorite of mine is made with one our fragrances called Mug and Brush which is reminiscent of an old barbershop aroma. Dove soap is what we generally buy for our home but when we started making the goats milk soap I thought I better try it.  I guess I didn't have high expectations but there is a noticeable difference between the commercially manufactured soap and our goats milk.  The goats milk has a slightly more pleasant lather but it seems to rinse off better without leaving a feeling you were still wearing some of the soap.  The fragrance makes using the soap enjoyable.

There are a few fragrance oils that are not suitable for soaps because they may pose skin irritation.  I was really thinking black cherry and dark chocolate might perk up the morning shower but alas the black cherry falls into the no soap category.

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