the 1,000 Candles in 100 Days Campaign

Posted on June 10, 2014 by Candle-ology Moynihan Gallery
Contest closed!

The winner is Stacie F. from Grand Rapids, MI with her blend of Champagne, Sandalwood, and Wild Current!  Thank you to all who participated and stay tuned for future contests! 

Help us build our Candle Recipe Menu! 
We’re trying to collect 1,000 unique (and fantastic) recipes in the next 100 days ...and we want your best shot.
  1. Dream up a recipe
  2. Share it! On our Facebook wall - #1000 Candles  or drop it off at our store
  3. Join the fun (and wait to see you if you win $100!)
    We want to know what kind of candle fragrance you would blend.  You can be creative but from our experience the best smelling candles, diffusers or tarts typically are limited to 3 fragrances, adding more can muddle the scent.
    A couple of examples might be: Black Cherry and Dark Chocolate or Pine Needles, Campfire and Bacon. Hint: check out the many fragrances on our product pages.
    Each entry = Chance to win a $100 Gift Card
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