#1 Reasaon Why Reunions Are So Much Fun

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Getting old friends and family together is always eventful, and this time was no exception.  

Four delightful ladies strolled into the shop celebrating their annual reunion in downtown Holland. Sue, Susan, Caroline, Candy had known each other for 39 years! 

After spending the afternoon making custom candles, the foursome huddled together. I expected an onslaught of hugs when they said their goodbyes. Instead Candy instructed, "I'll pitch the starting note."

"Set it low," Caroline said.

"Yeah, these old voices aren't the sopranos we once were!" 

"And we need to get the intonation correct," Candy added.

I gave them a puzzled look.

"We're an acapella group," Sue said, thinking I might understand.

As a watercolor painter, I know artistic terminology like "under-glaze" and "shield with a mask," but I'm not very familiar with music. Their chitcaht about pitch, projection and head resonance had my head spinning.

 A moment later, Candy hummed a note and the room filled with the soft sweetness of "Happy Trails!"

"That was magical!" I offered after their song had ended. "Except for Harry Connick Jr drowning you out." The store music speakers played above our heads.

"Only that is Michael Buble singing," Connie  said.

"That really shows my music naivety!" We all broke out in a round of laughter.

It turns out the ladies group, Odds & Ends, formed in 1967. They've been having "out of the box" reunions for the past 17 years.

#1 Reason reunions are so much fun: They're eventful!

What professional terms surround your life? To enjoy their fabulous singing, click this link: https://www.facebook.com/moynihangallery/videos/10153964889941545/


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