3 Generations of Fourth of July Traditions

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Bucket head fun! Coincidences or family genetics? Maybe not great minds, but we surely think alike!

Above, I am the cute, chubby gal on the left, no laughing please. The top right are my sons. They were so inspiring, in 2013, I wrote Beached in a Camper, my first junior fiction book, based on photographs just like that one.

The lower right photo is my grand kids, Aislynn and Liam! Three generations of 4th of July fun and not just with fireworks! Gotta love summer traditions.

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Free Digital Conclusion to Kate's Moynihan Boys Series

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Turtles, Lost shoe and a FREE gift for you ... see below.

Celebrate the conclusion of Kate's sons' journey from Michigan to North Dakota. Download the Kindle version from Amazon for $0.99 or forward us your email and we will send you a digital copy for FREE!

You'll chuckle over Brian's and Adam's one last adventure in the plains state ... this time on a not-so-ordinary farm! Simply send us your e-mail address and we'll provide the link. For even more fun, post a review on amazon once you're read the story and we'll give you a choice of one of Kate's other three books FREE!

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Holland Symphony and a Mystery According to Mom

Posted on September 17, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 6 comments
It was an honor to be selected by the Holland Symphony to paint Pleasant Hill Farm  - the setting for their benefit dinner. 
    Proudly I gave my eighty-eight-year-old Mom an invitation to attend with me. She put the date on her calendar and didn’t say much more.
    The night of the dinner, I drove Mom south of Holland. Shortly, we turned onto a dusty, two-track lane. A canopy of maple trees enveloped around us as we inched our way along the narrow, bumpy road. Then, at the top of a crest, the forest opened into a vast field of prairie grasses that danced in the wind. In the distance sat the isolated rustic barn of Pleasant Hill. 
    “I told my friend, Martha, I was going on a mystery trip,” Mom said.
     “What’s the mystery?” I asked.
     “Well, this of course,” she said, waving her arm at the rolling fields. “Who eats dinner in the middle of nowhere?”
   Once inside the barn the smell of raw wood filled the air. In the cavernous space, open wood beams crossed high above our heads and our footsteps echoed along with those of an army of caters as they created a dressed-to-the-nines backdrop. Being a guest artist to the event, I set up my station.     

      I’ve never painted in such a picturesque setting: sunlight streaming through wavy old barn windows, the symphony's notes of Beethoven floating in the air, and the scrumptious scent of the farm-to-table meal tingling my taste buds.
    At dinner, Mom declared, “I’ve never had such tasty, tomatoey lasagna. And these little red specs on the green beans, Mmm-mmm- mmm.”  
   Driving home, Mom said, “I’d like to go on that Mystery Dinner again. Tomorrow would do nicely.”
   I agreed.

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2 Ways To Let Water Soothe You

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Pond verses Lake ... here's my story.   

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? I did when I met Lake Michigan. Growing up in the hub of Detroit, I spent summers frolicking in swimming pools. Then in my college years I met the Big Lake – all its vastness and glimmering glory. Instantly I was mesmerized.

   Years later I moved to Douglas in southwestern Michigan several blocks from the enchanting Lake Michigan. Daily, whenever I drove by or walked down, I was captivated by the lake’s calming beauty.
   It was at that time I met my friend, Karol, who had a pond in front of her home. She would rave about her pond: “We pumped the paddle boat today,” … “The kids dragged nets to scoop minnows.” Every day, every season, Karol had new praise for her beloved pond.
   As she boasted I silently smirked about her over-the-top pond infatuation. How could a spit-across pond compete with the endless serenity of Lake Michigan’s mile-after-mile open water?
   Then I moved.
    Downsizing to a condo … with a pond!
    The first morning a low fog kissed the water. The golden sun rose and turned a vicious, vibrant orange, setting fire to the sunrise. A breeze picked up and the misty air cleared. As the sun peeked higher, the sky grew bluer. The glistening mirror-like water reflections filled me with tranquility.
   Hourly the pond changed color, texture and patterns. Karol was right. Magnificence doesn’t come in size! Water is the beauty. Don’t you agree? 

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Best Summer Reading - Family Fun with Trouble

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Trouble Out West, my second book, has just been released and it’s yours for the asking. Kick off your summer reading with more real-life stories of my sons adventures. Unlike the lake setting of my first book, Beached in a Camper, you’ll laugh out loud as trouble finds them in a place they’ve never been before, the wide open spaces of the Dakotas.

Narrated by younger brother, Adam, here are a few teasers of how the boys’ trouble magnifies and things aren't so perfect:

• Mom usually grins at my embarrassing moments, but this is bigger, more troublesome. In the mirror I glance at the flypaper black-fly graveyard glued to my hair. This is more like trouble with a capital “T.”

• The double-trouble mess we’re in flashes through my mind. First is the blanket with a baseball-size spy-hole cut out of the middle and second is Larry’s toothbrush with marshmallow-slime cooties.

• Wonderful? I’m forced to wake up before seven, I get kidnapped from my brother and best friend, and now I’m harnessed with this girl. Trouble just seems to find me.


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