Benefits of One-Color Decorating

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Are you unsure of what colors work well together?
Take the guess work out and use one color!
Instantly you'll create harmony and simplicity that is restful for your eyes and relaxing for your peace of mind. Artist, Lisa Lancaster creates an intriguing composition using the contrast of lights and darks ... all with one color!
A key factor to remember when decorating with one color is to jazz things up with texture mixing shapes and surfaces.
A monochromatic color scheme eliminates the struggle of color juggling.Instead of worrying about too many choices, stay focused on your favorite color.

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Inspirational Words with a New Twist

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Let the power of a word uplift you! Liam did for me!

My five-year-old grandson sparked a surge of creativity for me as we played a silly game of reindeer antlers (balloons stuffed inside pantyhose and planted on your head!). 

By the end of the fun-fill day the rubbery balloons had deflated inside the stretchy nylon. When I pulled the textures apart it reminded me of my collage days. Later, in my studio, I began layering paint, papers, shapes and patterns.
Thinking of Liam's tenacity to wear balloons that stretched longer than his four-foot height on his head, "bend" was the first word that sparked my creative streak.Soon windswept leaves flew onto my canvas among contrasting strong, vertical birch trees.
"Strength" became my next word. What inspires you?

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The Fun of Painting in Circles

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Painting in circles! Commission work is the best way to start my day.
Instantly I was a kid again remembering how spinning and twirling were so much fun. Why don't you try it? Release your inner child. 

Below are custom paintings I was fortunate to be commissioned for someone's home. It's the best way to start my day, even if it was matching the Moir's shower curtain. I love how customers push my inspiration.

The Moir's shower curtain below:

 Unsure how to measure for the size of art you may need? Click here.

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Birch verses Aspen Trees

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A swarm of mosquitoes gorged my bare legs, and no-see-ums hovered around my head while I trudged deeply in the woods of Pikesview Reservoir in Colorado Springs. Slapping and shooing the buzzing bugs, I pressed on seeking an answer: Was I surrounded by birch or aspens?

For 60+ years, as a Michigan native, I assumed all the white-barked trees I favored in my paintings were inspired by the Paper Birch, a common tree in my homeland state. So on my first-time-ever trip to Colorado I expected to see the Quaking Aspen. Which I did, but as my skin swelled with big puffy pink bites I waded deeper for a closer look. Sure enough, in the midst of Colorado forest the birch stood with its bark peeling off in thin wispy layers, having a chalky feel. Not more than a few feet away towered the aspen, its bark smooth to touch. True to its name the heart-shaped aspen leaves quivered, while the oval-shaped, toothed edge birch leaves took a bit more breeze to flutter. I was stunned to see them growing side-by-side.

I escaped the woods and took a Benadryl hoping the antihistamine would attack the welts that covered me. Instead my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, and the sensation to scratch at the mosquito stings magnified.

Next time this non-camping gal will do an internet search for inspiration as it only took a few keystrokes in the comfort of an air conditioned office to learn birch and aspen can both be found along the tree line across Alaska to down to Iowa and through much of the Rocky Mountains into Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

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#1 Secret for Inspiration

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When I feel stuck without an idea one of my favorite tricks for inspiration is to:
Look through old photographs.

The snapshot below of my sons and their friends led to a story in my second book, Trouble Out West In particularly this quote:

"It feels great to be four-on-a-couch playing Nintendo again and gulping root beer from the two-liter jug."

Video game time064 thumb

 This spring I relied on photos, too. I happened to be so inspired I painted enough tulips for a gallery wall! 

My paintings:

My photo inspiration ... and then I added a bit of jazzy artistic fun!

Image result for tulip photos



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