Benefits of One-Color Decorating

Posted on June 11, 2018 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
Are you unsure of what colors work well together?
Take the guess work out and use one color!
Instantly you'll create harmony and simplicity that is restful for your eyes and relaxing for your peace of mind. Artist, Lisa Lancaster creates an intriguing composition using the contrast of lights and darks ... all with one color!
A key factor to remember when decorating with one color is to jazz things up with texture mixing shapes and surfaces.
A monochromatic color scheme eliminates the struggle of color juggling.Instead of worrying about too many choices, stay focused on your favorite color.

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Color Pscyhology - Part 7 - Violet

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Purple = Luxury, The psychology of this color in its darkest values (eggplant, for example), is rich, dramatic and sophisticated. The posh bold color will dazzle as an accent or secondary color and give your room depth. It is associated with luxury and creativity.

The color purple, especially shades of violet, will definitely make a statement in your room. Like in your home, the same effect happens when you wear the color purple -- it shows others that you want to be noticed. 

Darker purples or mauves are more mature looking. This deep, rich quality is known to evoke feelings of wisdom and royalty making it perfect for formal rooms such as the living room, den or library. 

Red-Violet will lean toward a warm palette taking on some of the characteristics of red and orange, whereas Blue-Violet will feel cooler and have similar effects as the color  blue. Paired below  with a blue-green teal offers a soothing and relaxing effect.

If in doubt what color wine glass to buy ... consider light violet since the color  has a tranquil effect.
Lavender = calm
This softer color offers a soothing effect, perhaps because its medicinal healing qualities from the lavender plant are used in treating anxiety, depression, restlessness, and insomnia.
These lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring the same restful quality to bedrooms as blue does, but without the risk of feeling chilly. Walls painted light purple are sometimes seen as a bit more feminine, making the color a a good paint choice for a young girl’s room or a crafty sewing room.
Using lavender as an accent color with rich deep greens, browns or golds can make it feel more masculine.
Do you a favorite way to use this peaceful color? 


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10 Funny Words to Brighten Your Day

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I heard a rap on my retail shop window, loud enough to make me jump. Looking up, I saw the window washer crew and smiled. These faithful fellows were as dependable as the postman – working in the blaze of summer and the frigid winds of winter.
As his squeegee screeched across the glass, my grin widened.
“Squeegee,” I said, “that’s a funny word.”
Watching the window washer, another funny word popped into my head: wishy-washy.
Then my mind whirled:
And here’s a doozy: bamboozle!
What’s your favorite word that makes you laugh when you say it? Is it the word below?


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Color Psychology - Part 5 - Orange

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Orange = warmth + energy

The psychological effects of the color orange combines those of red and yellow. It inspires creativity, fun and lures you into a desire to dig down deep into your heart and soul and come alive, inspiring you.

This emotionally stimulating color attracts attention and can also stimulate your appetite, similar to the color red. Orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm, and is an energetic color.

When to avoid:

While not a good idea for a living room or for bedrooms, this color is great for an exercise room; it will bring out all the emotions that you need released during your fitness routine.

Pure, saturated orange attracts attention making it a color that you may find easier to live with in small doses. In this vibrant state it is a great color to mix with other colors or neutrals to enjoy its expressive nature.
Tint or shade = Ease
If you don’t want the strong impact of this happy color take it down a notch by adding white. The tint will give you a soft apricot tone. This gentleness will be easier to live with.
Mixing orange with brown or gray will turn the color into an earthy shade that is deep and divine. This terracotta color mixes well with the yellow-based reds, chocolate browns, and olive greens, too. Or you can be like Nancy, and enjoy the color orange to its full power. Click here to read more about the wow of orange!

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4 Tips to Punch-Up Your Decor

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
  1. Punch-up your decorating by paying attention to color-value (the lightness and darkness of a color.) For example, black is the darkest value while white is the lightest value. Notice below how the contrast of dark, rich black against clean, crisp whitel gives you the most punch.

  1. You can also capture punch by using color value with repetition mixed with a touch of discord. You’ll discover it’s easy to do, just repeat, repeat, repeat, and then add WOW! Notice in the photograph below that the cluster of orange objects are the perfect background to contrast the punch of the dark blue bottle.
  1. If you want more punch than repeating the same color with a single spark of color, like above orange/blue, try using different colors but with the SAME value. Below are three different colors of ruffled pillows, all with the SAME value. To get the punch into this decor add a another pillow in a lighter value, like photographed below.


You can get punch with patterns and prints, too. It is basically the same principle of color-value reviewed above only this time look for similar values within a print like the pillow below:

          Now ... add punch by layering this small scale (micro) pattern with a high-contrasting value, big pattern (macro) pillow, like in the photo below.

Have fun playing with color-value in your home!

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