3 Generations of Fourth of July Traditions

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Bucket head fun! Coincidences or family genetics? Maybe not great minds, but we surely think alike!

Above, I am the cute, chubby gal on the left, no laughing please. The top right are my sons. They were so inspiring, in 2013, I wrote Beached in a Camper, my first junior fiction book, based on photographs just like that one.

The lower right photo is my grand kids, Aislynn and Liam! Three generations of 4th of July fun and not just with fireworks! Gotta love summer traditions.

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#1 Favorite Activity

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#1 Favorite Thing- Be Outside!
Sunbeams, the scent of fresh-cut grass ... and adventure outdoors are a few of my favorite things! The illustration above and the story passage below is based on true-life happenings with my sons, turned into my second book based in Bismarck, North Dakota. This excerpt is told from Adam, my youngest son's point of view, and it sums up another one of my favorite things ... memories!

“Do you fish, Adam?” Zach asks me as the boat speeds across the mighty Missouri River which is wider than a football field.

There are a number of smart ways I could answer the question … but, they’re not for me.  Not Adam Moynihan.  I choose the absolute worst answer.  “I can catch anything,” I blurt out, even though I’ve only used worms for bait and a marble-size bobber to catch small pan-size fish, like blue gill.  My bold bragging might just get me in trouble fishing for sturgeon that I've been told are bigger than my arms spread wide. - Trouble Out West.

Adventures can be big or small. I'm working on my next teen fiction ... do you have any stories to share?

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Diary of a Whimpy Kid Meets Its Match

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Happy 8th birthday! Addison Tysman and her friends are having fun at her surprise party. Beached in a Camper made them giggle when I read:

It’s a double whammy as the two water balloons burst and soak my target - Freckles. She stands frozen. Her eyes, a stormy sea-green, land on me like a lighthouse beacon. She searches for another water bomb to sail my way, but all the balloons are destroyed. Her frigid eyes glare at me as she lets out a huff and marches off.

She isn’t the kind of friend I would want, anyway. Or is she? A bit of a smile forms on my face. Come to think of it, Freckles is the one who started The Great Water Balloon War! This freckled-faced firecracker, who cooled us off on a hot summer day, might just be a friend after all.

Then, out of nowhere, a water bomb explodes all over on my back. I whirl around.

“Found one, Adam!” Freckles sings out.

Addison told me Dear Dumb Diary use to be her favorite book, but not anymore!

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The Best Thanksgiving Inspiration

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This Thanksgiving I remembered how a few kind words made all the difference...even if they arrived in the mail a bit soggy from an all-day drizzle.

After all, it's the thought that counts! And this sweet note from kids who read my junior fiction books did it for me!

I'm hoping the kids' smile will brighten your Thanksgiving, too, raindrops and smudges and all. What imperfections made you laugh this holiday?  


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