Benefits of One-Color Decorating

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Are you unsure of what colors work well together?
Take the guess work out and use one color!
Instantly you'll create harmony and simplicity that is restful for your eyes and relaxing for your peace of mind. Artist, Lisa Lancaster creates an intriguing composition using the contrast of lights and darks ... all with one color!
A key factor to remember when decorating with one color is to jazz things up with texture mixing shapes and surfaces.
A monochromatic color scheme eliminates the struggle of color juggling.Instead of worrying about too many choices, stay focused on your favorite color.

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Collage Chaos

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Recently I've been tearing up paper, making a variety of collage art pieces. Although I favor the rough and raw edges of the paper, there is a method to my madness. Most recently my inspiration came from an old photo of my son, Brian, and me taken in almost twenty-five years ago!.

The horizontal lines of the North Dakota bluffs spurred my creative juices for this landscape-driven collage. Don't you love the power of nature?

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3 Tips to Collage Your Worries Away - A PAINTING TIP

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Get lost in creativity. Chase away winter ho-hum with an artsy project. Collage is the perfect medium to color outside the lines. So throw out the rules and join me in the fun of collage with these three easy tips.

1.Gather inspiration.

Rummage through your junk drawer, stroll an antique shop or flea market. Second-hand and stationary shops are great supply sources too. Seek flat objects such as greeting cards, lace, ribbon, doilies, vintage comics, magazines, photographs. Don't forget about old sample books such as wallpaper, paint color samples or even fabric swatches ... Stamps, stickers, stationary and gift wrap paper all work well. Include tissue papers, cellophane, and even wax paper if you want a translucent look.

Too many choices? Pick a theme. This can be a hobby like gardening, or a passion like cooking or perhaps, simply focus on one color.

2.Gather Supplies.

Gesso stretched canvas is my preferred surface to collage. The linen absorbs the glue and can be hung on the wall almost immediately after completing your art piece.

Modge-Podge is a glue that adheres well and dries clear. It can be purchased at any craft store and comes in gloss or matte. If you like bling, there is also a "sparkle" version.

Brushes can be used, but I often find my fingers do most of the work, tearing shapes, layering textures, applying the glue.

I like acrylic paint as it dries quickly.In addition to painting realistic images, try swirling and dragging a comb's teeth through the acrylic for texture. Use the pointy end of your paint brush to scribble in the wet paint and make a fascinating pattern. When wet, acrylics also acts as a glue so you can use its color to adhere papers. Try thinning down the paint with water so there is just a tint of color, this will let the prominent color of the paper shine through, while letting the hint of color add depth.

Lastly, once the collage is dry, I use U-V spray. A thin coat of protective ultraviolet covering is suggested to prevent colors from fading.

3.Gather courage.

If you're a novice to the art world, or a professional, often camaraderie enhances the experience. Round up your family or a few friends and create a party. The commitment of setting a date assures the project will get completed, and it's a perfect atmosphere to trade some of the treasures you've gathered to collage.

Then, let loose! Simply toss your worries away and begin tearing, cutting, shredding, layering, lifting, blotting, printing. I think you'll find lightheartedness surrounding you once you get lost in the application of collage. 

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Inspirational Words with a New Twist

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Let the power of a word uplift you! Liam did for me!

My five-year-old grandson sparked a surge of creativity for me as we played a silly game of reindeer antlers (balloons stuffed inside pantyhose and planted on your head!). 

By the end of the fun-fill day the rubbery balloons had deflated inside the stretchy nylon. When I pulled the textures apart it reminded me of my collage days. Later, in my studio, I began layering paint, papers, shapes and patterns.
Thinking of Liam's tenacity to wear balloons that stretched longer than his four-foot height on his head, "bend" was the first word that sparked my creative streak.Soon windswept leaves flew onto my canvas among contrasting strong, vertical birch trees.
"Strength" became my next word. What inspires you?

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#1 Way to Remove Paint From Your Clothes, Furniture, ...

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My black art smock takes the grunt of my painterly palette-knife style and after twenty-five years of painting this may be smock number 4 or 5, but who's counting? Although I am primarily protected by the smock most days the oil paint ends up elsewhere too.
As for the rest of my clothes, after trial and error, I have learned Goof Off to be the best treatment for removing not just oil paint, but latex and acrylic paint, along with ball-point-pen ink, and lipstick. If I discover the paint while it is still wet it makes for the easiest clean-up, but that doesn't seem to happen.

Whether trying to remove wet or dried paint, I find if I apply the Good Off (the small can is a stronger strength than the spray bottle) directly onto the soiled garment, then I add a touch of dish soap or liquid hand soap, and suds it up using the porous side of a sponge. I don't rinse, I toss it directly into the washing machine. If I am hours away from the assess to the machine, I let the soap and Goof Off dry and then toss in the treated clothes later that night.

Most of the time, since I paint early mornings, my perfume takes on a lingering mix of this antiseptic scent as my clothes are covered in this concoction while I chat with customers the rest if the day.

Sadly, I have yet to discover the recipe to get dried glue or Matte Medium out of clothes. Ugh.

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