Free Digital Conclusion to Kate's Moynihan Boys Series

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Turtles, Lost shoe and a FREE gift for you ... see below.

Celebrate the conclusion of Kate's sons' journey from Michigan to North Dakota. Download the Kindle version from Amazon for $0.99 or forward us your email and we will send you a digital copy for FREE!

You'll chuckle over Brian's and Adam's one last adventure in the plains state ... this time on a not-so-ordinary farm! Simply send us your e-mail address and we'll provide the link. For even more fun, post a review on amazon once you're read the story and we'll give you a choice of one of Kate's other three books FREE!

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Diary of a Whimpy Kid Meets Its Match

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Happy 8th birthday! Addison Tysman and her friends are having fun at her surprise party. Beached in a Camper made them giggle when I read:

It’s a double whammy as the two water balloons burst and soak my target - Freckles. She stands frozen. Her eyes, a stormy sea-green, land on me like a lighthouse beacon. She searches for another water bomb to sail my way, but all the balloons are destroyed. Her frigid eyes glare at me as she lets out a huff and marches off.

She isn’t the kind of friend I would want, anyway. Or is she? A bit of a smile forms on my face. Come to think of it, Freckles is the one who started The Great Water Balloon War! This freckled-faced firecracker, who cooled us off on a hot summer day, might just be a friend after all.

Then, out of nowhere, a water bomb explodes all over on my back. I whirl around.

“Found one, Adam!” Freckles sings out.

Addison told me Dear Dumb Diary use to be her favorite book, but not anymore!

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2 Ways to Kick Start Your Inspiration

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"Brian was a bit quirky, yet it was sixth grade so we all were a bit quirky." Adam said as he shrugged off the smirk from his older brother.1. In the midst of seeking new ideas both for writing and painting I have one favorite place to turn: photographs. How can you not get get inspired with a look like the one above-left? That sneer got me laughing and triggered ideas for writing Alarm on the Farm - a 99 cent download which will launch in several weeks on amazon. The novelette is the conclusion of the North Dakota junior fiction series of my sons' wild ride in the wild, wild West. 

2. Secondly, a present idea often spurs my inspiration. Recently having painted white snowshoe bunnies in winter,
my mind whirled to the texture of oil paints.


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#1 Way to Capture Your Creative Juices

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As the New Year unfolds it's time for resolutions and improvements. Over the years I've aimed high and most times fallen short, but this one I love ... and it's easy! You may, too.
#1 way to improve: Write it down!
Look closely at the photo above and you'll notice it not only includes my painterly work station but a piece of paper I use to write down thoughts. As I get "lost" in the painting process my mind wanders and random inspirations hit me. It can be as ho-hum as remembering to pick up dry cleaning, or as creative as the next art idea. But I've learned to snatch a pencil and write down the thought. Otherwise it's gone as fast as the idea flourished.
At night, I use a light-up pen! I click it on and it illuminates the tip with just enough light to scribble a thought. 
So I encourage you, take a deep breath, let it out slow. As your mind roams and you get lost in nothingness, out of nowhere, a thought will pop up.
Here's a few places you may find your mind drifting:
  • During mundane tasks, like washing dishes, dusting.
  • Places of monotony: the car wash, waiting in a drive-up window.
  • Running, exercising, taking a walk. 
  • In the shower.
  • Sitting somewhere quiet: at a dog park ... sipping a latte.
Just remember, if you don't come up with a prize-winning thought at least you enjoyed a bit of quiet time which is good for the soul. Happy New Year. 

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    The Best Thanksgiving Inspiration

    Posted on November 24, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

    This Thanksgiving I remembered how a few kind words made all the difference...even if they arrived in the mail a bit soggy from an all-day drizzle.

    After all, it's the thought that counts! And this sweet note from kids who read my junior fiction books did it for me!

    I'm hoping the kids' smile will brighten your Thanksgiving, too, raindrops and smudges and all. What imperfections made you laugh this holiday?  


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