Saying Good-bye to Allison, But Never Forgotten

Posted on June 24, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

I’ve known her from blonde to brunette to blonde again, and even as a redhead for an hour. I’m hinting about Allison, my fun loving, stepdaughter and buyer for the shop. However, there is no overshadowing the bright light she brings into my life. Now, after working together for 23 years, today is Allison’s last day at the shop!

She will be moving to Colorado Springs. If her husband, John, hadn't secured a terrific job promotion, my river of tears would be greater than Lake Michigan. As a parent, we all want the best for our kids. Even when the most painful thing is to let them go, follow their dreams, and fly.

 Allison has brought me years of happiness and so much laughter that I wanted to share a few favorites with you, but only after it took me hours to narrow down the choices.

 1998 – Allison prepares for a buying trip to the Atlanta Gift Show. This is pre-computer, pre-Excel sales tracking at its finest. Notice that there isn’t a calculator within arms reach. Numbers were never her strong suit, but she has good taste. “Style before comfort” is her shoe motto.

 2001 – Her wedding, only the fashion star would smile at my son, Adam, as he flaunts a baseball cap at such a formal affair.

 2003 - Sidewalk Sales. You can tell she’s not the team leader otherwise; we’d be in ruffled tees.

 2007- One of many matching Christmas outfits

 2016 – A Going Away Gift - What do you give someone when you’ve shared business, family, and just plain loving life with them for almost twenty-five years? I decided to paint Allison a piece of art, focusing on one of my favorite times with her – traveling together on buying trips. Even though we’ve had our share of travel snafus: bed bugs, fire drills, cancelled flights forcing us to drive 796 miles home, through it all, Allison’s uplifting humor inspired me and kept me sane. As we marched the millions of miles at the Atlanta Gift Mart, she’d say: “Kate, you need a glass of wine for your aching right foot in one hand, and then you need another glass of wine in your other hand for your blistering left foot!” Here is my intrepretation:  
Cheers, Al!  I’ll miss you like crazy!


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