Art You Can Use Everyday - A CRAFTER'S TOOL PART 12

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
Thunk ..thunk. Cindy Koedoot is using a foot pedal loom to weave 440 threads into fabric for cozy soft, durable dishcloths - art you can use everyday! Over - under - over she throws the shuttle with a bobbin bouncing along inside.
Several hours later, Cindy switches looms to a small hand-held one that looks like a large potholder-maker kids often use to craft the classic kitchen mitt. Once weaving, out comes this crazy looking tool. No, it is not a  decoration for your hair, even though in a pinch Cindy will use a hair pick if she can't find her "packer."
With this tool she presses the threads taunt on the loom. Hours later she has a handmade dishcloth. Kitchen work has never been so much fun!
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