How to Embrace a 5K

Posted on June 09, 2017 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
The journey began innocently enough when I volunteered for my second-time-ever 5K. But not to run. My knees retired that idea two years ago. My role was to babysit my four-month-old grandson, Jude, while the rest of my son Brian's family ran the race. I accepted with confidence. 
Among the vibrancy of the crowd, packed with enthusiasm not just to run, but to be splashed with color and sparkle as this was the Color Run. Any minute bullets of dazzling red, yellow, green would be flying through the air as health enthusiasts shot off to tackle the race.
Days prior, unsure if Liam, at four, could run the entire race, Brian decided to bring their running stroller that they had used in previous years.
Seconds before the starting gun was to be launched, Liam zeroed in on the cart and then he pointed. "That "baby" stroller can't come along. The "big kids" are running this race!" His eyes then looked up at Jude as I held the baby in my arms.
Perhaps it was sibling rivalry, or perhaps it was just a four-year's old tantrum, whatever the reason, in the midst of the anxious Color Run crowd, I offered to take the stroller. At that moment, it seemed like a simple solution. Of course, as the gang galloped off, Jude got fussy. Not wiggly, or squirmy. No, this was a full-throttle wail, arms thrashing, face beet red. I jiggled him to one shoulder; rocked him onto the other. Patted his back; rubbed his tummy. No go. The full-out-fit continued. Finally I plunked him in the running stroller and ... ran! The bouncy bumpy ride settled him down. I didn't win a Color Run medal, but I bonded with my grandson. For the rest of the Color Run story click here.
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