Add Harmony to Your Christmas Decor

Posted on December 05, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Use ONE color.

Most of the time the goal of decorating is to add punch. Perhaps brighten a neutral room with a pop of bold color, or add texture to create more depth.Then Christmas comes along with its shimmering lights, the glitz of glitter, and more often than not, more decorations than you know where to put them.  

Try creating harmony by focusing on one color. A monochromatic color scheme for Christmas will bring symmetry and a sense of order to your home. One-color decorating allows adjacent spaces to flow visually harmoniously into each other.
Consider your focal point. One large statement piece will anchor the room. Of course this can be your tree, or something more sculptural and unusual.

If you own a collection of small delicate ornaments add a few dynamic, over-sized, one-color decorations to the tree. These can be as simple as large artificial poinsettia blooms or bows in your one-color scheme.

Image result for images christmas tree with red poinsettias

Use symmetry and your Christmas decor will no longer over-power your room, your senses and your spirit, like in the reindeer example below.

Balance will also decrease the Christmas clutter. Consider working from the middle out, going smaller as you reach the outer edges. Notice how the largest bell begins in the center.
In addition to one color, grouping similar shapes will decrease the feeling of too much Christmas chaos. (Three red birds, three red pinecones)
Try anchoring tiny ornaments with a solid one-color tray. You'll discover that it gives strength to the collection.
Pull out one color from a piece of Christmas art and it will put more emphasis on the art or focal point. Decorating with a one-color emphasis will set the mood of your room, making it more restful, soothing and peaceful. What a nice way to enjoy your holiday season!
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