What Makes Labor Day Special? - A CRAFTER'S TOOL PART 11

Posted on September 05, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
"Many Hands Make Light Work" ... This intriguingly crafted message is mounted at the top of the well-traveled staircase at our retail shop. Everyday, as I flick this switch, or glance at it to answer the phone, or just whiz by it to scoot down to the inventory and office area, I'm reminded how much I appreciate everyone who is involved in making the shop successful:
  • You, our patrons.
  • The team, who wears so many different hats to make this small business run smoothly.
  • And artists, like Lorma Freestone, who handcrafted this captivating light switch. Lorma collects itty-bitty treasures and creates the most intricate collages. Each one tells a story. Getting lost in Lorma's world is like floating among a day dream.Lorma Freestone
For the past ten years Lorma has created fewer keepsakes, instead she's supporting the arts as executive director of the Holland Area Arts Council so I feel lucky to have this treasure.
Do you live by the motto of her light switch: Many hands make light work? What a great way to celebrate Labor Day! 
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