Do You Have Fashion Forward Thinking?

Posted on January 28, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

I’d like to state for the record I tried to say no. In fact, I did say no, but Allison, our buyer, refused to hear it, so she tried them on anyhow … silly sunglasses, that is!

Instantly I was captivated by Allison’s crazy modeling that was taking place in the middle of Atlanta Merchandize Mart – four skyscrapers filled with seven million square feet of wholesale shopping and hundreds of thousands of attendees.

And, if sporting sunglasses weren’t enough, earlier in the day, Allison selected gorgeous reversible skirts for the shop and her over-the-moon excitement charmed the seller into letting her walk out of the booth flaunting one of the colorful wrap-around skirts. A real kudo as this is an order-only show.

Now, I should remind you Allison is a # OOTD, outfit-of-the-day, kinda gal, making this story of sunglass-skirt posing even funnier. Plus the fact she was marching throughout the buying market with unglamorous me – I was decked out in a 17” leg cast, conspicuously limping with each step. A twist from last year which was all about the shoes.

But after 23 years I’ve come to realize there is always a spark of fun when traveling with Allison.

In fact, I think the lightheartedness is the core that drives our selection of new goods. We’d love to have you visit the shop soon and discover the new treasures for yourself.

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