3 Benefit of Texture in Art -  A CRAFTER’S TOOL #10

Posted on January 21, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Irene Gates captures a story with each figure she paints. Her folk-art style comes to life with not only the bright colors she chooses, but from the texture she adds.

It is easy to get lost within her figurative world woven with actual vintage elements., but if you look closely, buried under her layers of acrylic paint you’ll discover antique newspapers, lace, dollies, and other elements she applies before painting.

3 Benefits of adding texture.
  1. Adds depth to art.
  2. Engages your tactile senses. Although the sense of sight is the most powerful sight, stimulating another sense engages your brain a bit more.
  3. The use of vintage elements stimulates additional memories. You can get lost in the world of art from not just the concrete but abstract elements of texture.

More hints about texture in decorating on the next blog post. 

Small paintings, like Irene’s 16x20” or less, make a great gallery wall. For tips on hanging a gallery wall, click here.


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