3 Tips For Organization-A New Year Resolution

Posted on December 29, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Want to join my New Year resolution clip board? Maybe together we'll make our goals and get organized. Out of the 40% who make New Year resolutions, let’s be the 8% who succeed!

  1. Identify your goal.
  2. Break it down into small, doable tasks.
  3. Write them down and post in a visible spot.

Then E-mail me your resolution and I’ll pin it to an old-fashion manual clip board. My fixation with the spring-loaded clip board began when using them in the medical field for patient care plans when I was a registered nurse from 1973 - 1985. Later, when I spun off into the world of art, the clip board served me well. Still today, the behind-the-scene retail walls of the gallery are decked out with clip boards.

So, if you want to share your New Year resolution, I’ll add it with my resolution: "work-off the weight." Then I'll post our goals on a clip board in a private spot where only I can view it, yet take it in daily to remind me. The first of each month I’ll e-mail you and ask how you’re doing with your resolution. At any time you can ask me to stop e-mailing you. Good luck and let's rally! E-mail: katemnewyear@gmail.com

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