Christmas Rush with a Rocky Twist

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If you’re like me, you’re scurrying here and there, trying to get it all done … in ten days – eek!

So my mind was on a lot of things when Karen, a loyal customer, said, “I need ninety-nine Only One You books.”

“Sure,” I said as my heart skipped ahead, elated over the large sale. Ninety-nine books would wipe out our inventory, but we could order more.

“And I want matching rocks,” she added.

Hand-painted rocks are illustrated as fish in this inspirational tale about being yourself. To enhance the book, we had been handing out fresh-from-the-ground rocks with every purchase.

“I’ll have to get more rocks from downstairs,” I said.

“No, no,” she shook her head.

I gave her a puzzled look.

“I want you, Kate, to paint the rocks so they look like the ones pictured in the book,” she said.

Forcing myself to hide the panic rising inside, I gave a weak smile.

She persisted, “I know you’re busy, but I want to give a painted rock as a keepsake with the books.” 

My heart was in overdrive. Ninety-nine rocks! Digging through the frosty dirt, I had hand-picked the bucketful of rocks that was downstairs. I knew what lugging them, and now, painting them would take. I pictured myself blurry-eyed and sleepless. 

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Karen was still talking but her voice floated around me, out of focus. Yet somehow my head was nodding yes when on the inside I wanted to scream, No! No! No!
“Kate, Kate,” Karen called me.

Finally, I heard my name ringing in my ears, not sounding as far away as Karen’s other words. I shook myself out of the trance.

“Ninety-nine?” was all I could utter.

Karen’s eyes widened. “Not ninety-nine. Nine. I want nine rocks for each of my grown children to use as a paperweight.”

I let out a deep ho-ho-ho laugh that would have made Santa proud. “I misunderstood,” I said as my thumping heart stilled.

Gladly I accepted the odd job of painting nine fish rocks. 

 To quote the book, Only One You: “Know when to speak; know when to listen.” The lighthearted, swimming fish taught me a lesson.

Another favorite verse from the book: “If you make a wrong turn circle back.”

Do you have a favorite quote? They help me get through the day.

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