8 Tips for Dealing with the Unexpected

Posted on August 29, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

What I learned when change hits you like a level 3 hurricane - disturbing winds with extensive damage.

For me, the whirlwind hit when Allison, my shop buyer for 23 years moved 1,200+ miles away. How do you write a help wanted ad for that position?

I had come to vastly depend on her vogue décor vibe, now I’m left with my sixty-year-old style. Don’t worry. I’ve found a solution to stay on top of trend setting: find what you’re good at and circle yourself with other’s talent! (8 More tips below.)

Pulling from others’ strength has the gallery humming, again. Just look:

Ann – come see her magic touch behind the creative displays and interior design.
Maranda, the teacher, will show you “how-to” use these intriguing products. First up: make your own gauzy scarf with an easy wood block printmaking technique. The next week you can create hand-wrapped fiber and charm bangle bracelets …. Join the fun! Click here for class descriptions.
Debby – The Candle-ologist. She’s got all the NEW fall scents ready to go! You can mix Amber Musk, Pumpkin Pie or Bourbon. Okay, Bourbon is not a new scent, but mix it with Pumpkin Pie and it’s delightful, unless you’re Larry, my husband. Click here to read about a pie-making fiasco.
Debra – Loves systems. She’s keeping the good stuff coming in by doing reorders, and  also the crazy part: “where is that order they said was shipped last Friday?!?” As for the rest of us, we’re the worker bees who love to brainstorm and seek out the new treasures that will be coming your way!

It took all ten of us to replace Allison, but we’re coping.

8 Tips for when change hits you:

  1. Dwell in denial for a moment with a bakery doughnut, and then confront the worst.
  2. Ask yourself what you can control.
  3. Manage your stress  … a 3-mile run or a big-gulp size of wine. What do you prefer?
  4. Seek the help of others
  5. Take action.
  6. Celebrate the positive
  7. Evaluate and regroup
  8. Manage your simple solutions
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