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  • Debra R

    I love your birch tree paintings. Every time I am in your gallery, I say “someday!” I would hand your painting in my front entry.

  • Kate Moynihan

    Your comments keep my artsy spirit alive, thank you. Sunday is drawing nearer so I’m stocking up on supplies to paint a canvas for the winner!

  • Ria

    I love your paintings. I have a birch painting over my fireplace and it is such a cheery focal point. Thank you!

  • Cheryl P

    I have a space in the living room above the downstairs staircase that would be perfect for one of your beautiful paintings.

  • Karen Bloss

    I love the birds and the warm colors, which goes perfect with my home. I would hang this in our entry way.

  • Kate Moynihan

    What a thrill to paint for a focal point in your home.I’m looking forward to the inspiration! I can’t wait to see who is the random winner, drum roll . . .

  • tammy achterhof

    I love the colorful birds! Friends of a feather, flock together! I would hang it in my home, right by our table!

  • Wilda, Cogar

    Excited just to have a chance to win a painting g. One would be awesome in my living room.

  • Kate Moynihan

    It’s so exciting to be considered for a prominent spot in your home. I love commission pieces because they push me beyond my norm! Good luck to you! The winner will be picked Sunday, February 28, 2016.

  • Sarah G
    Depending on size, I’d display it in a prominent area of the house – front hall, dining room, maybe even family room – so I could see and admire it more often. We will be moving to another home in Holland this year and it would be perfect for that location.

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