3 Tips to Choose Art - A PAINTING / DECORATING TIP

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Pow! Zap! Bam! These forceful words convey action for super-heroes. Whereas horizontal, vertical, diagonals are forceful words that convey action for artists.

  1. Horizontal lines are usually considered comforting and stable like a sunset or still water.
  2. Verticals, moving up and down, induce a feeling of growth and being uplifted.
  3. Diagonals give a more urgent movement.  Their oblique thrusts compel attention, seldom filling a supporting role. They have a cutting, slashing, rushing effect which creates swift strong drama.

Study your own paintings. Perhaps in a reading room you’ll want to place a tranquil horizontal. Whereas the room with the big screen TV is begging for punch and you’ll want to hang the energy of diagonals. The vertical formats works nicely when ceilings are low and you want to create more height.

Whatever the motif, enjoy your pieces. Perhaps noticing the movement in them you’ll understand why you favor them just a bit more.

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