Pet Parade with a Celebrity

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Last spring, I introduced my neighbor, Tom. His robust personality delighted my husband, my mom, and me to a four-course meal he prepared himself. In his kitchen, table-side, he began serving us drunken mussels steamed in fresh garlic and white wine – that one dish sums up the hoopla that followed.

Then, months later, in late-October, as the leaves burst orange, yellow, and gold, Tom’s enthusiastic personality knocked on our front door. This time it wasn’t about dinner.

“Look at this Facebook post!” he beamed, grinning his face off.

My husband, Larry, and I stared at four loveable dogs precisely posed as the Wizard of Oz characters. My mouth gaped open.

 “The attention to detail is incredible,” I remarked as the quaint photograph drew me in. I went on to comment, “I love the heart on ‘Tin Man,’” … and the yellow brick road, … and the” – I was so impressed, I rambled non-stop.

“The gal I date, Sue, is creative and made the costumes herself,” Tom said. His lips curled into a fond smile as he pointed to each pooch and called them by name. “Sue posted this last night to Facebook The Dog Snob and got 2,000 shares. Now this morning there are 70,000!” Tom exclaimed as one hand held his phone while the other fluttered frantically in the air with elation. Tom was the proud Papa of this sudden dog-craze.

72 hours later, Larry got a text, from Tom. “That post of Sue’s dogs is up to 35,000 Face book shares, Larry commented and then read Tom’s text: “The pups are rising in stardom!”

Tom’s fervor was contagious. So infectious I shared the post, too! I also broadcasted the notable dogs’ photograph throughout the Moynihan team, the oohs and aahs were explosive. Shortly, pet photos of the teams’ own mutts flashed on their phones. Instantly, it was a digital brag book of a parade of pets.

But nobody’s photo could top Sue’s Wizard of Oz foursome. “I just got another text from Tom,” Larry reported. “1,000 more shares each hour.

The dog frenzy was so much fun we found ourselves imitating Sue’s costume ideas. Katie snapped her hound, River, in a funky pair of eyewear … the rest was history. Shortly, the shop had a litany of pet photographs.

“But look at this,” I said to Allison, “Sue’s pair of English Springer Spaniels looks just like the bench in our window.”

A smile lit up Allison’s face, “Maybe we could get Sue’s dogs to pose.”

I called Tom and rattled off our request.

“Well,” Tom answered. “I’m sure Sue would have helped you out a few hours ago for a handful of dog treats, but her pets’ fame is skyrocketing. Now the Facebook shares are up to75,000,” he said with bounce in his voice. “The now rock-star famous fellows are worth some greenbacks for a sitting fee,” he said, and then hesitated. “But for you … no charge.”

We arranged for Sue to bring the celebrity dogs two days later.

Then the phone rang.

It was Tom. “Ah, Kate,” he paused. “I’m afraid the VIP pups will need a limo ride for Saturday. They are up to 140,000 shares.” There was a long silence until I heard his signature chuckle.

Sue graciously brought the now-famous dogs to the shop and waved the appearance fee!

After capturing Sue’s Spaniels and adding the Moynihan teams’ photographs of their tail-waggers, I had a delightful collection of pet portraits, enough to paint a few and flaunt an impressive procession on Facebook. I squeaked in awe with excitement! I hope you have as much fun with your critters as Tom, Sue, and the gang at Moynihan’s did!

Buddah is in the same style bed Taco loves!


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