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Today I’m getting inspiration from you!

Recently I asked for your favorite coloring page ideas, and now, with the random winner, Kristi Jo Knoll, picked I am drawing an Ottawa beach theme, traveling into uncharted waters. Photographs are always a good reference for me.

So, staying true to my style, I am diving in and not pre-sketching. This approach often sets me up for redoing a project, but then my second go-round is a piece I truly like.

Over the years, I’ve concluded that this leaping-before-looking approach is part of my impulsive nature. Nothing reminds me more of this spontaneous trait than recently when I’ve been reminiscing about how I left nursing and became an artist in my blog series  – An Artsy Journey.

 As I evolved as an artist, I sometimes felt I was swimming without a life jacket. I'm sure you've felt that way once in a while, too!

But now, looking back at those earlier years, I realized I simply paddled forward through the challenges, one stroke at a time. 

I don’t know anyone whose life has gone exactly like they had planned; yet somehow we’ve learned to press on. Life may not let us float on a raft with an umbrella drink in our hands … but we can putter along ... or like me, jump in with both feet.

Now, as I create this new coloring page, impulsively moving my black marker across this crisp white paper, I thank you for supporting my artistic spirit these past thirty years, giving me new challenges, and letting me thrive.

Cheers to you, and thank you for your inspiration. Click here to print finished coloring page. Click here to view other coloring page options.

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