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Posted on October 05, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 2 comments

Dawn. Art Studio. The smell of oil paint and turpentine. I love to start my day with the lure of creativity and uncertainty hanging in the air. Often I end up with more paint on me than the canvas which is fine because whenever my painty fingers are stained green, I’m happy.
    Living life is a great feeling, be it... baking bread and punching yeast with floured fingers ... gardening in earthy soil and having dirt under your nails ... golfing in the early morning and the dewy grass making your shoes wet, turning yours toes all pruny and wrinkled ... or getting a sticky-faced kiss from your kid.
     What makes you giddy and tingle all over?


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  • Kate Moynihan

    Thank you for your ceramic story. It brings back clay memories for me when I went back to college and studied art. “Muddy hands” are the best!

  • Reyna

    I recently took a ceramics class at the Holland Area Arts Council and I loves it, so signed on for open studio. I don’t think I am all that great at potters wheel. But I love the hand build… getting my hands in the clay working with every little piece creating treasures for my family and friends. It’s like an adventure every time I go into the ceramics studio, what will my hands create today????


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