5 Ways to Stay Focused

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Candle-ology Moynihan Gallery | 0 comments

Work "smarter," not harder is my favorite motto, yet sometimes I find it difficult to always work smarter. Being “smarter” is more than being intelligent. It’s instincts, guts.

At times, along my artsy journey, I've had guts, but sometimes my curious nature gets me sidetracked. 
I lost my cell phone251
I found if I stick to these 5 ways to stay focused, I do better, but it takes motivation. Notice my incentive attached to each discipline.
1. Adhere to your to-do list.
If I stay focused, I treat myself to a mocha latte.
2. Track results.
Numbers are not my favorite, but if I’ve been accountable, I leave a few minutes early that day!
3. Evaluate.
Hmm, this calls for chocolate.
4. Learn from mistakes.
Missteps are part of growth. Admitting them is part of life, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun to acknowledge them. That takes more chocolate.
5. Set new goals.
Strategizing takes energy … ice cream this time! 
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