Beyond simple soap stirring - A CRAFTER’S TOOL PART 6

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 7 comments

What do a cheese grater, a hemostat, a credit card, and chopsticks have in common? They’re all a crafter’s “tools.”

But chop sticks? It all began when Betty and Stephanie Miller came to the shop to sell their organic soaps at a guest artist event.


As I began to snapped their photograph, I asked, “What is your favorite crafter’s ‘tool?’’

“We use chopsticks to swirl the essential oils into the soap. It’s the gentleness of the long, narrow sticks that’s the ‘trick,’” Betty beamed.

 “That’s nice,” I said, half-listening as my low-battery light on my tablet flashed red.

Betty continued to rattle on about harvesting herbs and flowers to infuse into their soaps while I hurriedly tried to snap their picture.

 “We also powder the egg shells for the Chicken Scratch soap,” Betty continued, "The powder makes a great exfoliator."

 “Hmm … interesting,” I said, still fumbling with my quickly dying camera.

 "We also make a great laundry stain remover soap," Betty added. "When a relative has a hog butchered we make some of its lard into the lye-based laundry soap.”

 I almost dropped my camera as I jerked from astonishment as the lovely ladies went on to describe boiling Jewelweed Tea for their Ditch the Itch soap, showing me a picture on their phone of Jennifer slaving over an open flame, brewing soap the old-fashioned way.


 I was captivated. I had asked for a “tool,” but, now, I was certain the Millers had four acres of “tricks.” I invited myself to their organic farm, wanting to experience their pioneer ways. It was more than I bargained for, I’ll tell you about it on the next post.

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  • Kate Moynihan

    I love the ‘Ditch the Itch’ soap. Do you have a favorite?

  • Ellen

    Love this family and their products! The soap, lotions, and scrubs are the best.

  • Kate Moynihan

    Thank you for your comments about the Miller’s fabulous soap. This family and their soap-making-process is easy to fall in love with – the Miller’s and they’re soap are both sincere and pure!

  • Holly

    I’ve always been curious about this whole process. And the way you tell it makes it that much more enjoyable of a read :)

  • Rebekah Cornish

    My friend Betty makes the best soaps, lotions, and bars!! Check out her website at skintasticcreations.net!! All products are made with quality ingredients and are very reasonable in cost! My friends love her products and you will too!!! Rebekah

  • Reyna

    This reminds me of all the unique tools used in ceramics…. rolling pins, graters, leaves from the yard, just to name a few. Love your blog.

  • Betty

    We loved your soap blog and forwarded it to all our friends.


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