A Chorus of Near Sighted Cats - A CRAFTER'S TOOL - PART 4

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

   Can you guess why a seamstress would use a surgical tool?
   I couldn’t.
   Then Barb Leegwater came into the shop and operated on one of her cat creations, demonstrating with a hemostat – a surgical clamp used to control bleeding.
   “I use a hemostat to snag a fabric end when I need to turn a cat’s long, skinny tail right-side out,” she said.
   I stood awe-struck. Now, I have sewn since middle school, and I’ve spent hours struggling to turn apron ties or narrow belts. Many times I’d poke and prod with a pair of scissors trying to reverse the fabric strip. Inevitably, I’d punch a hole in the end, ruining the garment. Barb’s hemostat was a brilliant idea!

“I also use the hemostat to poke the fluffy stuffing into small crevices of the cat’s ears or paws,” she said. Impressively I watched her handily clamp a wad of fleece and jab the puffy fill into an upcoming critter for her litter.
  Just as cleverly as her hemostat trick, Barb names each cat. From Purr-snickity to the twins: Herbert and Hoover, each cat’s name magnifies its personality. My favorite: Glamor Puss.

Stop in and give these cuddly creatures a hug. They’re heartwarming and sure to make you smile.
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