Jewel in Disguise - The beauty of glass

Posted on September 21, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 5 comments

It all began sitting innocently on a table near the window. The vase wouldn’t have been unusual except it was glowing like a gemstone. If you’ve never lived with colored glass I recommend you try it. You’ll love, love, love it! A vase becomes a chameleon, changing colors throughout the day.
     Photographed below, in the early morning, as the sun hung low in the sky and slanted rays seeped through the window, the gold vase radiated a rich amber color, making it appear heavy and dense.

I became a bit anxious knowing the rising sun would soon shift, causing the color of the glass to change colors. Sure enough, by mid-day, the strong sunbeams sparkled on the golden vase. It glistened so intensely the frosted vase became almost clear.            


By the time the sun set, the vase was wrapped in the darkness from outdoors. I swear the vase became ten shades darker and more haunting. It lurked among the other vase standing like a dark knight lost of all its radiating jewels.                                                       

So, if you can place a glass vase near a window I’d gallantly do it. Even a small glass bauble on a window sill will bring rainbows into your world.


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  • Kate Moynihan

    Your search for the right vase will be worth your effort. You’ll enjoy it every ‘moment’ of the day!

  • Jean Osterhaven

    I will be looking for just the right vase to put in my only window that gets direct sun light!

  • Kate Moynihan

    I was so uplifted to learn that the radiating quality of glass brightens your day, too. Now that the days are getting shorter, I cherish the glowing glass and sun even more.

  • Christine

    I have a stained glass window in the front of my house and when the sun is bright outdoors the color that illuminates my house warms my heart.

  • Rosie Weber

    I have a stained glass circular piece.It’s home on a fixed glass window sill
    The setting sun telegraphs it’s migration north/ south fall,and reverses in spring

    So this piece’s fullest illumination ,tells me of the approach of winter and the glorious return of spring.
    Every sunset is highlighted, and sends colored rays of color across my painted white walls.


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