4 Ways to De-clutter -Marie Kondo Verses Kate

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Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a runaway best-seller and phenomena on organization.

“Hmm, organization,” I thought, as I looked at his desk. “I wonder if I could get Larry, my husband, to read about organization?”
On second thought, probably not after twenty-two years of marriage and business, I knew better. So I read the book myself.  
     A key message in Marie’s book is to thoroughly clean, and then keep items which only spark joy within you. I have to admit I have an advantage here … I work with items of joy everyday: art, color, texture, pattern, and people.
     I do give a 5-star testimonial to one of Marie’s tips:

Remove EVERYTHING – for example when cleaning a closet, empty it completely. Then, and only then, add back items you love.
     At the shop, when we change displays, I use Marie’s advise of clearing a space. She suggests setting up a “staging” area while you’re cleaning. I highly recommend this. Often I set up a spare folding table to accommodate moving merchandise.
     Once the area is cleared off, then I begin the re-decorating using some simple concepts. Here are 4 tips for decorating your home:

  1. Pick a color or colors you want to display together. On the temporary table I sort items by color FIRST, before starting to re-display. That way I know what colors I have to work with.
  2. Pick the object you want to feature. You can select this “focal point” for a number of reasons: because of its size, quality, expense or, perhaps, sentimental value. I start with the largest item because space in retail is a concern. You’ll be picking your most important piece. That love, love, love-it piece!                                                                                              
  3. Pick items that work with your “focal point.” These items can harmonize by color or a theme. A theme is like telling a story. Maybe it’s summer and beach season so add a seashell and shorebird. Or, perhaps, you’re trying to capture the feeling of nostalgia and grace. In that case you’d “feature” your old photographs with a lace tablecloth to create the theme.
  4. Add – on. Do you still have pieces left that you cherish and don’t want to part with? After all, we can’t all be 100% Marie Kondo … just ask my husband. So if your collection of “must-haves” needs displaying, try some of these tricks to wedge in a bit more ‘joy,’ as Marie would say.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Overlap it.

    Turn it upside down.

    Gather it.

    Line it up. Symmetry will clean up the look and decrease clutter.

    Elevate it.

    Stack it.


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