#1 Reason To Avoid The Perfect Color Match - A DECORATING TIP

Posted on August 06, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

I usually understand customer’s decorating concerns, but this one is bigger, more troublesome.
“I need to find accessories to match this color of blue,” a lady in the shop said as she waved a fabric sample in the air.
“How about this candlestick,” I offered.
“It’s not quite the right shade,” she said. “The fabric is a wee-bit darker.”
“What about this vase?” I asked.
“No, it’s a tad off, much too bright,” she said.
Everything began swimming around in my head. I’d been down this road before with customers who want the perfect color match.
But I’ll tell you a secret: The #1 reason to avoid perfection in decorating: 

Mixing shades and hues adds interest to a room.

It’s not that having a passion for perfect isn’t wonderful; it’s just that I’ve learned to enjoy the benefits of close-to-perfect. Designing with a variety of values lets each piece separate and stand out on its own. The colors blend together like brothers and sister in a family, yet each tint is an individual within the family.
I hope you might try my family-style of decorating. You don’t have to be so brave and add your Great Aunt Mable’s grand-nephew, but sisters might make you smile.
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