5K Doubts - Part 3

Posted on July 30, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
  Have you ever said you’d do something and then wondered why you volunteered? That was me. Twenty-seven training sessions ago I committed to the appalling idea of running the 5K Color Run. Up until this event, the closet thing I’d ever done to participate in a running contest was when I dog sat for my son, Brian, while he ran his first marathon in Chicago.
    Like most motherly dog-sitters, I took my responsibility seriously. I was determined to tire out the frisky pups so Brian wouldn’t have to fuss with them when he returned worn out from his journey. All weekend I hustled the two mutts, fetching sticks, hiking trails, and frolicking in Lake Michigan. 

    Sure enough, when Brian returned he was weary and sore from running 26.21 miles. He bundled up the pups and headed home.
    The next day the phone rang.
    It was Brian. “The dogs have been sleeping great. You really did tucker them out,” he said, with a chuckle.
    I gleamed with pride.
    “But, um,” he stammered. “Ah … they got ticks.”
    “Oh, no!” I screeched, picturing the swollen black buggers sucking blood from the precious pups.
    It got worse.
    “There’s so many ticks, the vet wanted to see them,” Brian said. “He prescribed an acaricide spray to take precautions against Lyme disease.”
    I saw dollar signs sky-rocket thinking of the extra expense. My heart sunk to the floor.
    However, it turned out the dogs accepted the de-ticking ritual like champions, giving Brian slurpy kisses as he bribed them with air popcorn!
    As these memories of “my first marathon” whirled through my mind, I got an unsettling feeling in the pit of my stomach. Would my luck be any better when I actually run the 5K this weekend? Do you ever get the same doubts? Click here to read about the final finish.

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