4 Tips to Punch-Up Your Decor - A DECORATING TIP

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
  1. Punch-up your decorating by paying attention to color-value (the lightness and darkness of a color.) For example, black is the darkest value while white is the lightest value. Notice below how the contrast of dark, rich black against clean, crisp whitel gives you the most punch.

  1. You can also capture punch by using color value with repetition mixed with a touch of discord. You’ll discover it’s easy to do, just repeat, repeat, repeat, and then add WOW! Notice in the photograph below that the cluster of orange objects are the perfect background to contrast the punch of the dark blue bottle.
  1. If you want more punch than repeating the same color with a single spark of color, like above orange/blue, try using different colors but with the SAME value. Below are three different colors of ruffled pillows, all with the SAME value. To get the punch into this decor add a another pillow in a lighter value, like photographed below.



    1. You can get punch with patterns and prints, too. It is basically the same principle of color-value reviewed above only this time look for similar values within a print like the pillow below:

              Now ... add punch by layering this small scale (micro) pattern with a high-contrasting value, big pattern (macro) pillow, like in the photo below.

    Have fun playing with color-value in your home!

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