Buy What You Love - A DECORATING TIP

Posted on July 06, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

   Trust what you see. Trust what you like. Muriel did. The other day she marched up to me in the gallery and frankly stated, “I’d like to buy your Niagara Falls painting.”
   I scanned the collection of art in the studio squinting at the various waterscapes looking for any signs of rushing, foaming water of the mighty Niagara Falls.  Instead I found smooth horizontal lines reflecting peaceful and serene and calm water. 

   I was certain I’d heard her correctly, but Niagara Falls? Of course I wanted her to purchase a painting, but I couldn’t tell which painting had caught her eye. Like the water, I stood still – not trusting myself to speak, instead I simply swallowed and nodded.
   “That one,” she said, pointing to the wall, swinging her arm in excitement. I still couldn’t tell which piece she wanted.
   I swallowed and nodded again and then finally squeaked out, “It’s lovely isn’t it.”
   "My, yes!” Muriel squealed. “I spent my honeymoon at Niagara Falls fifty years ago. And that painting is the perfect memory, especially since my dear Ron and I just had our wedding anniversary. Such precious memories. Precious indeed.”
   Goose bumps popped all over my arms. Who cares if she saw rushing water and I saw quiet reflections?
   Be like Muriel. Let art captivate you, worthy of emotions and memories.



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