5 Ways to Re-think Pink - A DECORATING TIP

Posted on June 08, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

You can be like my granddaughter – a bit unexpected. She’s pretty in pink but cradling a handful of earthy worms! Take pink out of the little girl’s room and let it grow up.
  1. Pair the bright, lively color of pink with neutral browns, like the worms. Notice how the tawny chocolate color pales the vivid pink, softening the fuchsia into a subtle maturity.
  1. Put pink with contemporary. Nothing says “grown-up” like the sleek clean lines of modern design.


  1. Size matters! Go big with pink! The 14”and 16” tall and chunky candlesticks stand bold and proud. The wide base gives them strength and anchors their no-nonsense presence. Let these powerhouses bully right past pink’s stereotype of petite and precious.
  1. Take pink to the next level. Mix a cool color (any shade of blue) to contrast the “hot” color of pink. Notice how the “prissy” is out of the pink?
  1. Add glitz – mix classic metallic copper, gold, and silver. Suddenly the pink is more sophisticated!

Why use pink? It’s a great summer pick-me-up! I hope you enjoy summer's sunny bright season with the delight of pink.
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