Moving Day and More!

Posted on May 14, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
Twenty days before Christmas Mom came to live with us.  Now, with the tulips peaked and the lilacs bloomed, Mom is moving to the independent living center… moving smack dab in the middle of Holland, Michigan Tulip Time Festival.  That’s right, a room became available and would be ready for move-in on the morning of the first scheduled parade day.  Moving during an eight-day festival which brings more than half a million visitors to town would be crazy to say the least, but Mom’s independent nature was determined to make it happen so the planning began.
   Then, three days before the move, my husband, Larry, the hefty guy to tote and lift Mom’s furniture and belongings, needed emergency eye surgery. The diagnosis was a torn retina and he’d be “head down,” immobile for one week!
   Of course, the old wise tale that things happen in threes became a reality.  Our tech-savvy, marketing queen, college student came to me. “I’ve got a ‘hiccup’ in my summer schedule,” she said.
   “A hiccup?” I asked, knowing she was working every weekend/evening combination until Labor Day.
   “I need to turn in my resignation so I can be home in Fremont for the summer,” she said, staring at the floor, avoiding any eye contact as she referred to a city more than two hours north.
   This was more than a “hiccup.” It was more than a severe case of indigestion.  It was worse than having a bout of five-day flu. Adding Larry’s surgery and Mom’s moving to the mix of losing a valuable team member made it seem like the Bubonic Plague had erupted.
   Run, said a small voice inside my head.  Stay, another answered. Then I heard the memory of my mother-in-law’s mellow voice echoing through my mind: “Let me tell you a secret,” she once said. “When you’ve got a big problem, just start somewhere. Do one little thing to make it better. Then do another little thing.”
I took a deep breath … and stayed, breaking each predicament into small, manageable pieces:
  • Two Men and Truck did Larry’s lifting by moving Mom.
  • My brother drove down from rural Acme Township and chauffeured Mom here and there for supplies.
  • Dr. Westhouse used his magical ‘gas-bubble’ to repair Larry’s vision (lay-man’s term).
  • The Moynihan team rallied working extra hard and adding shifts to give tourists the best Tulip Time experience!
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