#1 Way to Capture Your Creative Juices

Posted on December 26, 2016 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
As the New Year unfolds it's time for resolutions and improvements. Over the years I've aimed high and most times fallen short, but this one I love ... and it's easy! You may, too.
#1 way to improve: Write it down!
Look closely at the photo above and you'll notice it not only includes my painterly work station but a piece of paper I use to write down thoughts. As I get "lost" in the painting process my mind wanders and random inspirations hit me. It can be as ho-hum as remembering to pick up dry cleaning, or as creative as the next art idea. But I've learned to snatch a pencil and write down the thought. Otherwise it's gone as fast as the idea flourished.
I used to think I'd remember the idea later, especially when I woke at night. Then, sure enough, by morning the thought was gone leaving me frustrated and trying to remember that perfect brainstorm. A light-up pen became the solution. I click it on and it illuminates the tip with just enough light to scribble a thought. With my mind at ease, I drift back to sleep.
So I encourage you, take a deep breath, let it out slow. As your mind roams and you get lost in nothingness, out of nowhere, a thought will pop up. If you're not confident about when or where you'll be inspirational, simply keep that pencil nearby. You may be surprised when a great idea strikes you.
Here's a few places you may find your mind drifting:
  • During mundane tasks, like washing dishes, dusting.
  • Places of monotony: the car wash, waiting in a drive-up window.
  • Running, exercising, taking a walk. 
  • In the shower.
  • Sitting somewhere quiet: at a dog park ... sipping a latte.
Just remember, if you don't come up with a prize-winning thought at least you enjoyed a bit of quiet time which is good for the soul. Happy New Year. 
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