#1 Reason To Try Again - A PAINTING TIP

Posted on April 16, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments

Everything was perfect...for about forty minutes.

You see, I’m not much of pre-sketcher kind-of-gal. Ready to paint, I dove in, letting the paint, color, and composition take over. Sometimes this lack of planning leads to … success … and sometimes not so much.
   Watercolors are touchy like that. Today I lost that sparkling crisp white paper and there was no turning back. I know a handful of tricks to try to rescue the art: layer rice paper, glaze with matte medium, lift color using stencils -- but sometimes it’s best to admit defeat and start over.
   Maybe a third or fourth try, oh my!
   No matter how my years I’ve painted, no matter how long I've practiced, my best discoveries don’t happen on the first go around!

My critique after the first approach: Above you'll notice not much movement in the straight-stemmed daisies. Also the flower petals appear flat and one-dimensional.  But the do-over below?  What do you think?  Fresher and more lively?

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