2 Tips for Balancing Black and White and Bold

Posted on April 06, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
2 tips to rev up your senses with black and white and color.
    1. In your home, layer color with high contrast. Color pops off the clean ivory couch and crisp black coffee table. The contrasting, light-against-dark values have impact, while the strong diagonals of the chevron provides drama. 

2. In your art, mix the paint colors of your background and foreground. Look closely at the zebra paintings shown here; you’ll notice bold colors blended subtly into the zebra stripes. When I paint, I add a touch of the foreground colors into the background of the composition, creating harmony and unifying the work.  
Interestingly enough, this high contrast concept of black and white and color works in eye-catching merchandising displays, too. In retail, we call the front of the store a landing zone - the spot where we want customers to begin lingering.
If you want color to catch your eye, pair it with black and white!   
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