2 Tips for Balancing Black and White and Bold

Posted on April 06, 2015 by Kate Moynihan | 0 comments
Usually, the term “landing zone” is associated with a runway strip for planes. In retail, though, we use the term to refer to the area where you first experience a shop and its merchandise. Research indicates it takes you five to ten paces to “land” in a store – meaning to slow down and be ready to browse.
   That is the landing zone.
   As a shopkeeper, of course, it is my goal to jazz up this landing zone so you’ll want to plant your feet a little sooner and, perhaps, stay a little longer. One way to slow you down is to stimulate your senses with something eye-popping to see … sight being one of the most powerful senses.
   Wanting the landing zone in the gallery to pack some punch, I zeroed-in on a black and white chevron tray. The contrasting, light-against-dark values had impact; the strong diagonals of the chevron were dramatic. Perfect, I thought, with confidence.

   Then I looked outside the shop. Hmm. The neighboring row of brown brick buildings downtown blended into the gun-metal gray day of rainy drizzle. Instantly I knew that the black and white tray display would need a splash of color to stimulate your sense of sight a bit more.

  2 tips to rev up your senses in your own home.
    1. Layer color with high contrast. Color pops off the clean ivory couch and crisp black coffee table.

2. Mix the colors in your art – the background – with your furniture and accessories the – foreground.Don’t forget about the art on your walls. Look closely at the zebra paintings shown here; you’ll notice bold colors blended subtly into the zebra stripes. When I paint, I add a touch of the foreground colors into the background of the composition, creating harmony and unifying the work. You can use the same technique when decorating your home. 

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